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Welcome to the Unite Summit

Hon. Cheri Jahn -- Colorado State Senator (I) & Steering Committee, Unite Colorado welcomes guests to the first ever #UniteSummit.


Opening Keynote: "You Are the Movement"

by Joel Searby - Senior Strategist, Unite America

Joel has worked with candidates across the country for over a decade, including managing Evan McMullin’s independent presidential campaign. He’ll lead an interactive workshop on the fundamentals of running a strong independent campaign


Opening Panel: "You Are the Movement"

Movements are born, not made or managed. Fundamentally, movements are comprised of people who fill unique and important roles. We’ll meet some of the leaders of the Unite America movement and explore what roles each of us can play. Moderated by Joel Searby - Senior Strategist, Unite America.

  • Greg Orman -- Independent Candidate, Governor of Kansas

  • Charles Wheelan -- Author, Centrist Manifesto; Founder and Co-Chair, Unite America

  • Nick Troiano -- Executive Director, Unite America


Crashing the Party

Candidates endorsed by Unite America discuss the opportunities and challenges facing independent candidates in 2018. Moderated by Charles Wheelan - Founder and Co-Chair, Unite America. 

  • Neal Simon - Independent Candidate, U.S. Senate (MD)

  • Thea Chase - Independent Candidate (CO, HD-54)

  • Craig O'Dear - Independent Candidate, U.S. Senate (MO)

  • Cory Ann Ellis - Independent Candidate (SD, HD-7)


Lessons from the Left, Right, and Center

Leading campaign operatives and digital media experts from both sides of the aisle download and discuss the best practices for organizing and campaigning, online and offline. Moderated by Dominick Scafidi - Field & Digital Manager, Unite America.

  • Chad Peace - President, IVC Media

  • Jusleen Sodiwal - Enterprise Account Manager, NationBuilder

  • Ian Hines - CEO, Hines Digital

  • Ryan Morgan - CEO, Veracity Media

  • Michael Slaby - CEO, Timshel


Organizing Our Movement

Unite America state organization and grassroots chapter leaders reflect on how we can unite Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in common cause to bridge the growing partisan divide. Moderated by Tyler Fisher - Deputy Director, Unite America.

  • Chris Vance - Former State Legislator (R) & GOP State Chair; Co-Chair, Washington Independents

  • Nicole Rowlette - Regional Coordinator, Unite America

  • Bob Perls - Former State Legislator (D); Co-Founder, Unite New Mexico

  • Lena Eng - Chapter Leader, Unite America


Campaign 2020

They’ve run independent presidential campaigns and survived to impart their wisdom on whether we should look to the White House in 2020. Moderated by Lisa Rice - Board Member, Unite America.

  • Jim Jonas - Co-Founder, Unity08 & Americans Elect

  • Jackie Salit - President,

  • Joel Searby - Fmr. Campaign Manager, Evan McMullin

  • Russ Verney - Fmr. Campaign Manager, Ross Pero


Unrig the System

How can independents advance reform? Leading experts and practitioners of political reform explore how independent voters and candidates can champion structural changes to level the playing field with both parties and improve democracy. Moderated by Kyle Butts - Communications Director, Unite America.

  • Kyle Bailey - Campaign Manager, Maine Ranked Choice Voting

  • Katie Fahey - Executive Director, Voters Not Politicians Ballot Committee

  • Dr. Jessie Fields - Board Member, Open Primaries

  • Dan Krassner - Political Director,

  • Amber McReynolds - Election Innovator & Executive


Party Time?

Independents are just that: independent. But, in some states, organizing as a party might make better sense. These third party leaders break down the pros and cons of being a political party. Moderated by Colston Young - Co-Chair, Unite America.

  • Nils Bergeson - Executive Director, United Utah Party

  • Philip Fuehrer - Chair, Independence Party of Minnesota

  • Reed Galen - Chief Strategist, Serve America Movement

  • Brian Pierson - Candidate, Independent Party of Oregon

  • Dr. James Rex - Chair, American Party of South Carolina

"Governing 101: Independents in Elected Office"

The Unite America Institute releases a groundbreaking report examining how independents can make a difference in office. Incumbent independent legislators from Alaska to Maine will weigh in with their personal experience. Presented by Nick Troiano - Executive Director, Unite America, and Kyle Butts - Researcher, Unite America Institute. 

Moderated by Ron Fournier, Former journalist; Spokesperson, Unite America

  • Rep. Owen Casas –– Independent State Rep. (ME)

  • Rep. Jason Grenn –– Independent State Rep. (AK)

  • Rep. Marty Grohman –– Independent State Rep. (ME)

  • Sen. Cheri Jahn –– Independent State Senator (CO)

  • Rep. Laura Sibilia –– Independent State Rep. (VT)

  • Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott - Bipartisan Lieutenant Governor (AK)


Closing Plenary: "Confessions & Reflections of Former Members of Congress"

Former U.S. Representatives of both parties dish on drivers of Congressional dysfunction and what we can do to make Congress a more effective and representative institution.

Moderated by Mort Kondracke.

  • Hon. Brian Baird –– Former U.S. Representative (D-WA)

  • Hon. David Skaggs –– Former U.S. Representative (D-CO)

  • Hon. Zach Wamp –– Former U.S. Representative (R-TN)


Closing Keynote - Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin former independent Presidential candidate & co-founder, Stand Up Republic closes out the Unite Summit