Indy Talks


"What neuroscience can teach us about leadership."

By Dr. Kate Harris, independent candidate (NH)


"Won't you be my neighbor?"

By Luke Repici, Unite America Philadelphia Chapter Leader


"Civility is dead. Here's how we can revive it."

By Hon. Owen Casas, independent State Representative (ME)


"The historical evolution of America's two-party system and insights for the future of our independent movement."

By Steve Peterson, independent candidate (CO, SD-30)


"The 'Meta-Issue Movement:' How non-political reform groups can enact change in Washington"

By Mike Murphy, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


“Lessons in teamwork from sports and the military.”

By Cory Ann Ellis, independent candidate (SD, HD-2)


"I lost my race for Congress in California in 2018. Here's what I learned."

By Matt Woody, former independent candidate U.S. House (CA).

"A fresh perspective on campaign finance reform, and why Citizens United is closer to the solution than the problem." 

By Hamish Hume, constitutional litigator & Partner, Boies Schiller