Russell Verney - Political Advisor and Founding Chairman, Reform Party

After serving as Ross Perot's 1992 political advisor and 1996 campaign manager, Russell translated his experience to leadership roles in the spheres of non-profit issue advocacy, public policy, and political reform.

Russell Verney was the 1992 political adviser and 1996 Campaign Manager for Ross Perot's presidential campaigns. He also has served as the CEO of a very large, highly effective nationwide non-profit issue advocacy organization, United We Stand America and he was the founding chairman of a nationally recognized political party, the Reform Party.

Currently he is the Executive Director of Project Veritas, a non-profit organization that does undercover video investigations. He has been an adviser to former US Comptroller General David Walker, CEO of the Comeback America Initiative, on his nationwide $10 Million A Minute fiscal responsibility bus tour and he has served as the Executive Director of the North Texas Crime Commission.

He also has provided research, drafting and editing for seven books related to various public policy matters that have made the New York Times best-sellers list. A frequent guest speaker, he has written speeches that were delivered to national audiences and prepared testimony for Congress and State legislatures.

For more than four years Russell co-hosted a nationally syndicated daily talk radio program and provided extensive, live, political analysis for Dallas-Fort Worth CBS TV station KTVT and Dallas based CBS radio news talk station KRLD for more than two years.

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Mr. Verney attended Northeastern University. He is a decorated US Army veteran and now resides in Noblesville, Indiana with his wife Gayle.