Phil Fuehrer - State Chair of Independence Party of Minnesota

Phil has nearly 25 years of experience in Minnesota third party politics. He is currently the State Chair of the Independence Party. Phil has also worked on or advised independent and third-party candidates ranging from City Council to U.S. Senate.

With nearly 25 years of experience in Minnesota’s Independence Party, Phil Fuehrer has an unparalleled knowledge of Minnesota’s current independent and third party politics. He has served in such party roles as: State Platform Chair, State Constitution and Bylaws Chair and State Director before ascending to his current role as State Chair (October 2015).

In August 2016, he had the lead role in coordinating the successful 8-day ballot petition gathering efforts of independent Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin in Minnesota.

For the 2018 elections he brokered a cooperative “gentlemen’s agreement” between two other Minnesota minor parties so that each would have a greater chance of achieving major party status, thereby, bringing automatic ballot access and a greater share of the State’s subsidies under the public campaign finance program to each party.