Kyle Bailey - Campaign Manager

Kyle is the force behind Maine's historic Rank Choice Voting reform, managing both the 2016 ballot measure campaign and the 2018 campaign to protect its use.

Kyle Bailey has over a decade of experience managing candidate and issue campaigns.

In 2016, Kyle managed the nation's first successful statewide ballot measure campaign to adopt Ranked Choice Voting, winning by the second largest vote of the people in Maine's history. In 2018, after state lawmakers repealed the voter-approved Ranked Choice Voting law, Kyle led a second ballot measure campaign to protect this voting reform for use in future elections, winning by an even wider margin at the ballot box.

In 2012, Kyle managed in-state fundraising for another first-in-the-nation ballot measure victory that secured the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Maine. Additionally, Kyle has worked on several gubernatorial and mayoral candidate campaigns, including for multiple independent candidates.

Born in Florida and raised in Georgia, Kyle lives in Gorham, Maine, with his husband, State Rep. Andrew McLean.