Craig O'Dear - Independent Candidate for US Senate (MO)

Craig is a Kansas City-based corporate trial attorney running for US Senate. He has actively supported both Republican and Democratic candidates , but increasingly finds the divisions in our country to be roadblocks to developing good policy.

As a lawyer, Craig helps people and companies resolve business disputes. These disputes typically involve multiple parties, complex issues, and large sums of money. On occasion, the only way to resolve the dispute is through trial, and Craig has a strong track record of success in court. More often, disputes are resolved through a process of communication and negotiation. Craig has received many awards and recognitions for his accomplishments in this arena.

Much of Craig’s approach to life and leadership was formed on the basketball court and the football field. His career in sports started with fifth grade YMCA basketball, followed by football, basketball, and track in high school, and ended with football and track in college. This experience taught Craig the value of discipline and teamwork; how to lead, and how to follow. Craig always told his beloved Coach Woz that the three years playing quarterback in high school was the best leadership training he ever received. He learned sportsmanship; how to win with class and lose with dignity, having experienced an undefeated season, and a season with no wins until the final game.

Craig graduated with an engineering degree from the Missouri University of Science & Technology, and with a law degree from Vanderbilt University. The combination of the education in math and science, coupled with the analytical education in law, has formed the basis of Craig’s approach to problem solving throughout his professional career.

An ability to work with a diverse array of people on complex, emotionally charged issues, and move toward and achieve mutually acceptable solutions to problems is a skill set Craig believes we need in the Senate.