Bob Perls - Unite New Mexico Co-Chair

Bob has wide-ranging political experience as a state representative, gubernatorial consultant, U.S. congressional candidate, and as a U.S. diplomat. After growing his technology company for 25 years, he founded New Mexico Open Primaries in 2015 and co-founded Unite New Mexico in 2018.

Bob Perls has far-reaching experience in both politics and the private sector as a state representative, candidate, consultant, diplomat, and CEO.

In New Mexico, Bob served two terms in the State House of Representatives, consulted for Governor Bill Richardson, and ran for both U.S. Congress and the Public Regulation Commission for a total of 13 years of experience. He then looked internationally to became a U.S. Diplomat and served in Germany, Canada, Pakistan and The Gambia.

On 1984, he started his own medical technology company, Monitech, Inc., at the age of 24 and sold it in 2008 after 25 years of operation.

Bob returned full-time to New Mexico in the spring of 2015 and Founded New Mexico Open Primaries. In 2018, he co-founded Unite New Mexico.