Amber McReynolds - Election Innovator & Executive

As an innovative election official, Amber drives changes in Denver that will transform voting processes across the country. As the Director of Elections in Denver, Amber focuses on policy changes that increase voting fairness, accessibility, security, and efficiency.

Amber has driven changes in Denver, Colorado that are transforming the voting process across the United States.  She is creative and curious and has re-imagined the election administration process to more effectively serve voters.
Amber is one of the most innovative election officials in the country and has served as the Director of Elections in Denver for the past 7 years and has administered elections for over 13 years.  She has driven policy changes in Colorado to ensure that all voters, regardless of political persuasion, have a fair, accessible, secure, efficient voting experience.  Colorado is a leading state in terms of innovation, voter access, technology, and election administration and Amber has lead many of the efforts that have made this happen.  
Amber believes in voter-centered election administration and systems that are free from partisan politics.  She is unaffiliated and believes election officials must be fair and independent in their approach to running the election process.  Amber currently serves on the MIT Election Data Science Lab Advisory Committee and the Council of State Governments Overseas Voting Initiative Project. 
You can follow her @AmberMcReynolds - Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Instagram